Preparing your driveway for repairs

  • Repairs might seem easy, but to ensure they’re a success you’ll want to prep your driveway to give them the best chance of lasting the distance and looking the very best they can. We’ve done a lot of driveway repairs over the years and have compiled our very best tips to ensure your next driveway repair is a success!

    Clean and prime the driveway

    Before you do anything, we highly recommend you move your car out onto the street. Remember, once you’ve painted the driveway it needs to cure for seven days. Next, you’ll need to sweep the driveway. Then mix some etch primer into a bucket of water and give the driveway a good scrub using a stiff broom. Let the primer sit on the surface for 10 minutes, before washing it off with a hose.

    Mask up the edges

    Your driveway may have a number of surrounding surfaces you want to avoid getting paint on. These might include the walls and doors of the garage, the cover of the drain and the garden edging. As part of your preparation, protect all those surfaces with a thick masking tape. You can pick this up easily at hardware stores.

    Thin the paint slightly with mineral turpentine

    Driveway paint is a heavy-duty, thick paint designed to withstand cars driving over it. This can make it a challenge to apply smoothly to a rough surface. To achieve an even first coat, dilute some of the paint with mineral turpentine. We recommend mixing in 100mls of turpentine in for every litre of paint you want to dilute.

    Paint the driveway

    Start by painting all the edges and detailed areas with a paint brush. This is known as “cutting in” and allows you to cover any small or obscure surfaces without any risk of going outside the edges. After cutting in, use a paint roller to cover the rest of the surface. Remember not to paint yourself into a corner – start at the back and work towards an exit point. When the first coat has had 16 hours to cure, give it a second coat with undiluted paint. Once the second coat is completed, give it seven days to cure before you drive on it. Easy!

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