Driveway Repairs

  • Do you hate parking your precious car on your cracked driveway that is desperate for a reconstruction you just can’t afford? At Driveway Sealers, we believe driveway repair doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can even repair your broken, cracked drive way on your own!

    While driveway repair and painting should be planned and well thought out before beginning, it doesn’t always take a professional to rebuild it, nor do you need to replace the entire driveway either. A simple driveway repair can go a long way to giving your car a better parking space each night, which it’s tires will thank you for in the long run.

    How to repair your driveway in three easy steps:


    You’ll need to complete a thorough clean of your driveway before commencing any repairs. That means removing every inch of dirt, preferably with pressured water, to ensure that debris is removed from every crack.

    Rebuilding cracks

    You’ll then need to rebuild cracks. There are a few options, all of which are inexpensive. Concrete overlay, concrete repair tubes and asphalts will all work to renew your driveway, but concrete overlay is definitely the simplest and fastest. All you need to do is pour the mixture onto the crack and leave it to dry! For small cracks, opt for concrete repair tubes, which you apply by placing the tube into the damaged part. If you want something that is going to last, opt for asphalt, but you may need to employ professional help to ensure it’s done correctly.

    Filling holes

    Should your driveway have any holes, we suggest using an epoxy product, which you can buy at most hardware stores. Just follow the instructions that come with the epoxy. We highly recommend reading the entire instruction list twice through before starting anything, as doing it step by step has only ever resulted in disaster in the past.



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